Something In Your Eyes手動語法如下:<embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' src='' width='150' height='50' 看房子allowScriptAccess='always' allowFullScreen='true'/>自動語法如下:<embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' src='' 土地買賣width='150' height='50' allowScriptAccess='always' allowFullScreen='true'/> Something in your eyes 在你眼裡的我∕Richard CarpenterThere was a certain faceThat filled a thousand nightsWith all the 永慶房屋sweetest dreamsAnd promises of paradiseBut that face was goneWhen the dawn would come and steal youYet I still could feel youWaiting just a kiss awayI'd surely know your faceWhen love would cast its spellI'd recognize each 住商房屋curve and line of youI know it wellNow at last you're here and I can tell*Something in your eyes I seeIs all I've ever wantedSomething in your smile for meIs calling out my nameYour eyes it seems are mirrors of my dreamsIn 太平洋房屋ways I can't explainAnd my heart will never be the sameWe never said a wordAs if we'd always knownThat through the bittersweet of waitingWe were not aloneNow we're close enoughOh the touch of love to find usFantasies 東森房屋designed usBut they never really could begin to measure youNo pictures ever doAnd as I watch you framed in sunlight and a sky of blueI know what my life's been leading to(*)曾有一張特別的容顏盈溢在千百個夜晚以最甜美的夢境和天堂的誓21世紀房屋仲介約但那容顏已消逝當黎明前來將你偷走我依然可以感覺到你等在一個吻之外我當然認得你的容顏當愛情施展魔咒我能辨認出你身上的每一道弧線我是如此的熟悉如今你在這兒,我看得出來──你的眼裡有些什麼正是我曾經想要的你的笑容對我來說好似在呼喚我的名字有巢氏房屋你的雙眼好像是我夢的鏡子我無法解釋我的心再也不像從前我們從未說過一句話就像我們已經明白在苦甜摻雜的等待之後我們並不孤獨此刻,我們靠得夠近了足以讓愛的接觸發現讓幻想擺佈但它們從來都無法衡量你即使照片也辦不到當我望著你逐漸成型在陽光和藍天好房網下我明白了自己人生的去向 資料來源:

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